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Major world tourist rates table

Updated: 2012-11-05 09:00:01
Currency UK £ US $ Euro € Japanese ¥ Australian $ Chinese ¥ Canadian $
1 x UK £ =11.5590124.7811.5019.4891.549
1 x US $ =0.6411080.0390.9636.0860.994
1 x Euro € =0010000
1 x Japanese ¥ =0.0080.012010.0120.0760.012
1 x Australian $ =0.6661.038083.13216.3221.032
1 x Chinese ¥ =0.1050.164013.150.15810.163
1 x Canadian $ =0.6461.006080.5560.9696.1261

PLEASE NOTE: All currency values are actual tourist rates accurate at time of printing (see update date/time below the converter). We think you'll find them extremely competitive and beat many high street stores! If you are looking for foreign exchange rates to send money abroad please see Foreign Exchange Rates